protected function DatabaseConnection::defaultOptions

Returns the default query options for any given query.

A given query can be customized with a number of option flags in an associative array:

  • target: The database "target" against which to execute a query. Valid values are "default" or "slave". The system will first try to open a connection to a database specified with the user-supplied key. If one is not available, it will silently fall back to the "default" target. If multiple databases connections are specified with the same target, one will be selected at random for the duration of the request.
  • fetch: This element controls how rows from a result set will be returned. Legal values include PDO::FETCH_ASSOC, PDO::FETCH_BOTH, PDO::FETCH_OBJ, PDO::FETCH_NUM, or a string representing the name of a class. If a string is specified, each record will be fetched into a new object of that class. The behavior of all other values is defined by PDO. See
  • return: Depending on the type of query, different return values may be meaningful. This directive instructs the system which type of return value is desired. The system will generally set the correct value automatically, so it is extremely rare that a module developer will ever need to specify this value. Setting it incorrectly will likely lead to unpredictable results or fatal errors. Legal values include:

    • Database::RETURN_STATEMENT: Return the prepared statement object for the query. This is usually only meaningful for SELECT queries, where the statement object is how one accesses the result set returned by the query.
    • Database::RETURN_AFFECTED: Return the number of rows affected by an UPDATE or DELETE query. Be aware that means the number of rows actually changed, not the number of rows matched by the WHERE clause.
    • Database::RETURN_INSERT_ID: Return the sequence ID (primary key) created by an INSERT statement on a table that contains a serial column.
    • Database::RETURN_NULL: Do not return anything, as there is no meaningful value to return. That is the case for INSERT queries on tables that do not contain a serial column.
  • throw_exception: By default, the database system will catch any errors on a query as an Exception, log it, and then rethrow it so that code further up the call chain can take an appropriate action. To suppress that behavior and simply return NULL on failure, set this option to FALSE.

Return value

An array of default query options.

2 calls to DatabaseConnection::defaultOptions()
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DatabaseConnection_pgsql::query in drupal/includes/database/pgsql/
Executes a query string against the database.


drupal/includes/database/, line 390
Core systems for the database layer.


Base Database API class.


protected function defaultOptions() {
  return array(
    'target' => 'default',
    'fetch' => PDO::FETCH_OBJ,
    'return' => Database::RETURN_STATEMENT,
    'throw_exception' => TRUE,