protected function DrupalTestCase::assertIdentical

7.x drupal_web_test_case.php protected DrupalTestCase::assertIdentical($first, $second, $message = '', $group = 'Other')

Check to see if two values are identical.


$first: The first value to check.

$second: The second value to check.

$message: The message to display along with the assertion.

$group: The type of assertion - examples are "Browser", "PHP".

Return value

TRUE if the assertion succeeded, FALSE otherwise.

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drupal/modules/simpletest/drupal_web_test_case.php, line 365


Base class for Drupal tests.


protected function assertIdentical($first, $second, $message = '', $group = 'Other') {
  return $this->assert($first === $second, $message ? $message : t('Value @first is identical to value @second.', array('@first' => var_export($first, TRUE), '@second' => var_export($second, TRUE))), $group);