Extra updates for 7.x

Update functions between 7.x versions.


drupal/modules/system/system.install, line 2989
Install, update and uninstall functions for the system module.


Namesort descending Location Description
aggregator_update_7003 drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator.install Increase the length of {aggregator_feed}.url.
block_update_7008 drupal/modules/block/block.install Update database to match Drupal 7 schema.
color_update_7001 drupal/modules/color/color.install Warn site administrator if unsafe CSS color codes are found in the database.
comment_update_7007 drupal/modules/comment/comment.install Add an index to the created column.
comment_update_7008 drupal/modules/comment/comment.install Update database to match Drupal 7 schema.
comment_update_7009 drupal/modules/comment/comment.install Change the last_comment_timestamp column description.
dblog_update_7002 drupal/modules/dblog/dblog.install Add an index to the severity column in the watchdog database table.
field_update_7002 drupal/modules/field/field.install Split the all-inclusive field_bundle_settings variable per bundle.
field_update_7003 drupal/modules/field/field.install Add the FieldInfo class to the class registry.
forum_update_7002 drupal/modules/forum/forum.install Add new index to forum_index table.
forum_update_7003 drupal/modules/forum/forum.install Rename field to 'taxonomy_forums'.
forum_update_7011 drupal/modules/forum/forum.install Update {forum_index} so that only published nodes are indexed.
forum_update_7012 drupal/modules/forum/forum.install Add 'created' and 'last_comment_timestamp' indexes.
image_update_7001 drupal/modules/image/image.install Rename possibly misnamed {image_effect} table to {image_effects}.
image_update_7002 drupal/modules/image/image.install Add width and height columns to image field schema and populate.
image_update_7003 drupal/modules/image/image.install Remove the variables that set alt and title length since they were not used for database column size and could cause PDO exceptions.
image_update_7004 drupal/modules/image/image.install Use a large setting (512 and 1024 characters) for the length of the image alt and title fields.
list_update_7002 drupal/modules/field/modules/list/list.install Re-apply list_update_7001() for deleted fields.
locale_update_7003 drupal/modules/locale/locale.install Update "language_count" variable.
locale_update_7004 drupal/modules/locale/locale.install Remove duplicates in {locales_source}.
locale_update_7005 drupal/modules/locale/locale.install Increase {locales_languages}.formula column's length.
menu_update_7000 drupal/modules/menu/menu.install Migrate the "Default menu for content" setting to individual node types.
menu_update_7001 drupal/modules/menu/menu.install Rename "Primary Links" and "Secondary Links" to their Drupal 7 equivalents.
menu_update_7002 drupal/modules/menu/menu.install Rename the primary/secondary menu blocks to match previously renamed menus.
menu_update_7003 drupal/modules/menu/menu.install Add missing custom menus to active menus list.
node_update_7011 drupal/modules/node/node.install Update the database from Drupal 6 to match the schema.
node_update_7012 drupal/modules/node/node.install Switches body fields to untranslatable while upgrading from D6 and makes them language neutral.
node_update_7013 drupal/modules/node/node.install Change {node}.vid default value from 0 to NULL to avoid deadlock issues on MySQL.
poll_update_7004 drupal/modules/poll/poll.install Update the database to match the schema.
system_update_7070 drupal/modules/system/system.install Remove the obsolete 'drupal_badge_color' and 'drupal_badge_size' variables.
system_update_7071 drupal/modules/system/system.install Add index missed during upgrade, and fix field default.
system_update_7072 drupal/modules/system/system.install Remove the obsolete 'site_offline_message' variable.
system_update_7073 drupal/modules/system/system.install Add binary to {file_managed}, in case system_update_7034() was run without it.
system_update_7074 drupal/modules/system/system.install This update has been removed and will not run.
system_update_7076 drupal/modules/system/system.install Convert menu_links query strings into arrays.
system_update_7077 drupal/modules/system/system.install Revert {file_managed}.filename changed to a binary column.
system_update_7078 drupal/modules/system/system.install Add binary to {date_formats}.format.
trigger_update_7001 drupal/modules/trigger/trigger.install Increase the length of the "hook" field to 78 characters.
trigger_update_7002 drupal/modules/trigger/trigger.install Renames nodeapi to node.
user_update_7016 drupal/modules/user/user.install Update the database to match the schema.
user_update_7017 drupal/modules/user/user.install Update email templates to use new tokens.
user_update_7018 drupal/modules/user/user.install Ensure there is an index on {users}.picture.
_image_update_7002_add_columns drupal/modules/image/image.install Add width and height columns to a specific table.
_image_update_7002_populate_dimensions drupal/modules/image/image.install Populate image dimensions in a specific table.