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Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
STREAM_WRAPPERS_VISIBLE drupal/core/includes/ Stream wrapper bit flag -- exposed in the UI and potentially web accessible.
STREAM_WRAPPERS_WRITE drupal/core/includes/ Stream wrapper bit flag -- wrapper is writeable.
STREAM_WRAPPERS_WRITE_VISIBLE drupal/core/includes/ Stream wrapper type flag -- visible, readable and writeable.
TAXONOMY_HIERARCHY_DISABLED drupal/core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Denotes that no term in the vocabulary has a parent.
TAXONOMY_HIERARCHY_MULTIPLE drupal/core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Denotes that one or more terms in the vocabulary have multiple parents.
TAXONOMY_HIERARCHY_SINGLE drupal/core/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module Denotes that one or more terms in the vocabulary has a single parent.
UPDATE_CURRENT drupal/core/modules/update/update.module Project is up to date.
UPDATE_DEFAULT_URL drupal/core/modules/update/update.module URL to check for updates, if a given project doesn't define its own.
UPDATE_FETCH_PENDING drupal/core/modules/update/update.module We need to (re)fetch available update data for this project.
UPDATE_NOT_CHECKED drupal/core/modules/update/update.module Project's status cannot be checked.
UPDATE_NOT_CURRENT drupal/core/modules/update/update.module Project has a new release available, but it is not a security release.
UPDATE_NOT_FETCHED drupal/core/modules/update/update.module There was a failure fetching available update data for this project.
UPDATE_NOT_SECURE drupal/core/modules/update/update.module Project is missing security update(s).
UPDATE_NOT_SUPPORTED drupal/core/modules/update/update.module Current release is no longer supported by the project maintainer.
UPDATE_REVOKED drupal/core/modules/update/update.module Current release has been unpublished and is no longer available.
UPDATE_UNKNOWN drupal/core/modules/update/update.module No available update data was found for project.
USERNAME_MAX_LENGTH drupal/core/modules/user/user.module Maximum length of username text field.
USER_REGISTER_ADMINISTRATORS_ONLY drupal/core/modules/user/user.module Only administrators can create user accounts.
USER_REGISTER_VISITORS drupal/core/modules/user/user.module Visitors can create their own accounts.
USER_REGISTER_VISITORS_ADMINISTRATIVE_APPROVAL drupal/core/modules/user/user.module Visitors can create accounts, but they don't become active without administrative approval.
VERSION drupal/core/includes/ The current system version.
WATCHDOG_ALERT drupal/core/includes/ Log message severity -- Alert: action must be taken immediately.
WATCHDOG_CRITICAL drupal/core/includes/ Log message severity -- Critical conditions.
WATCHDOG_DEBUG drupal/core/includes/ Log message severity -- Debug-level messages.
WATCHDOG_EMERGENCY drupal/core/includes/ Log message severity -- Emergency: system is unusable.
WATCHDOG_ERROR drupal/core/includes/ Log message severity -- Error conditions.
WATCHDOG_INFO drupal/core/includes/ Log message severity -- Informational messages.
WATCHDOG_NOTICE drupal/core/includes/ Log message severity -- Normal but significant conditions.
WATCHDOG_WARNING drupal/core/includes/ Log message severity -- Warning conditions.


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