The maximum depth of a menu links tree - matches the number of p columns.

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16 uses of MENU_MAX_DEPTH
book_menu_subtree_data in drupal/modules/book/book.module
Gets the data representing a subtree of the book hierarchy.
book_node_view_link in drupal/modules/book/book.module
Adds relevant book links to the node's links.
book_update_bid in drupal/modules/book/book.module
Updates the book ID of a page and its children when it moves to a new book.
menu_edit_item in drupal/modules/menu/
Menu callback; Build the menu link editing form.
menu_link_children_relative_depth in drupal/includes/
Finds the depth of an item's children relative to its depth.

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drupal/includes/, line 278
API for the Drupal menu system.


define('MENU_MAX_DEPTH', 9);