function aggregator_filter_xss

7.x aggregator.module aggregator_filter_xss($value)

Renders the HTML content safely, as allowed.


$value: The content to be filtered.

Return value

The filtered content.

2 calls to aggregator_filter_xss()
template_preprocess_aggregator_feed_source in drupal/modules/aggregator/
Processes variables for aggregator-feed-source.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_aggregator_item in drupal/modules/aggregator/
Processes variables for aggregator-item.tpl.php.


drupal/modules/aggregator/aggregator.module, line 734
Used to aggregate syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom).


function aggregator_filter_xss($value) {
  return filter_xss($value, preg_split('/\s+|<|>/', variable_get('aggregator_allowed_html_tags', '<a> <b> <br> <dd> <dl> <dt> <em> <i> <li> <ol> <p> <strong> <u> <ul>'), -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY));