function theme_comment_post_forbidden

7.x comment.module theme_comment_post_forbidden($variables)

Returns HTML for a "you can't post comments" notice.


$variables: An associative array containing:

  • node: The comment node.

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drupal/modules/comment/comment.module, line 2360
Enables users to comment on published content.


function theme_comment_post_forbidden($variables) {
  $node = $variables['node'];
  global $user;

  // Since this is expensive to compute, we cache it so that a page with many
  // comments only has to query the database once for all the links.
  $authenticated_post_comments = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__, NULL);

  if (!$user->uid) {
    if (!isset($authenticated_post_comments)) {
      // We only output a link if we are certain that users will get permission
      // to post comments by logging in.
      $comment_roles = user_roles(TRUE, 'post comments');
      $authenticated_post_comments = isset($comment_roles[DRUPAL_AUTHENTICATED_RID]);

    if ($authenticated_post_comments) {
      // We cannot use drupal_get_destination() because these links
      // sometimes appear on /node and taxonomy listing pages.
      if (variable_get('comment_form_location_' . $node->type, COMMENT_FORM_BELOW) == COMMENT_FORM_SEPARATE_PAGE) {
        $destination = array('destination' => "comment/reply/$node->nid#comment-form");
      else {
        $destination = array('destination' => "node/$node->nid#comment-form");

      if (variable_get('user_register', USER_REGISTER_VISITORS_ADMINISTRATIVE_APPROVAL)) {
        // Users can register themselves.
        return t('<a href="@login">Log in</a> or <a href="@register">register</a> to post comments', array('@login' => url('user/login', array('query' => $destination)), '@register' => url('user/register', array('query' => $destination))));
      else {
        // Only admins can add new users, no public registration.
        return t('<a href="@login">Log in</a> to post comments', array('@login' => url('user/login', array('query' => $destination))));