function field_purge_instance

7.x field_purge_instance($instance)

Purges a field instance record from the database.

This function assumes all data for the instance has already been purged, and should only be called by field_purge_batch().


$instance: The instance record to purge.

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1 call to field_purge_instance()
field_purge_batch in drupal/modules/field/
Purges a batch of deleted Field API data, instances, or fields.


drupal/modules/field/, line 961
Field CRUD API, handling field and field instance creation and deletion.


function field_purge_instance($instance) {
  db_delete('field_config_instance')->condition('id', $instance['id'])->execute();

  // Notify the storage engine.
  $field = field_info_field_by_id($instance['field_id']);
  module_invoke($field['storage']['module'], 'field_storage_purge_instance', $instance);

  // Clear the cache.

  // Invoke external hooks after the cache is cleared for API consistency.
  module_invoke_all('field_purge_instance', $instance);