function field_associate_fields

7.x field.module field_associate_fields($module)

Allows a module to update the database for fields and columns it controls.


$module: The name of the module to update on.

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drupal/modules/field/field.module, line 446
Attach custom data fields to Drupal entities.


function field_associate_fields($module) {
  // Associate field types.
  $field_types = (array) module_invoke($module, 'field_info');
  if ($field_types) {
    db_update('field_config')->fields(array('module' => $module, 'active' => 1))->condition('type', array_keys($field_types))->execute();
  // Associate storage backends.
  $storage_types = (array) module_invoke($module, 'field_storage_info');
  if ($storage_types) {
    db_update('field_config')->fields(array('storage_module' => $module, 'storage_active' => 1))->condition('storage_type', array_keys($storage_types))->execute();