function hook_search_status

Report the status of indexing.

The core search module only invokes this hook on active modules. Implementing modules do not need to check whether they are active when calculating their return values.

Return value

An associative array with the key-value pairs:

  • 'remaining': The number of items left to index.
  • 'total': The total number of items to index.

Related topics

1 function implements hook_search_status()

Note: this list is generated by pattern matching, so it may include some functions that are not actually implementations of this hook.

node_search_status in drupal/modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_search_status().
1 invocation of hook_search_status()
search_admin_settings in drupal/modules/search/
Menu callback: displays the search module settings page.


drupal/modules/search/search.api.php, line 94
Hooks provided by the Search module.


function hook_search_status() {
  $total = db_query('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM {node} WHERE status = 1')
  $remaining = db_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM {node} n LEFT JOIN {search_dataset} d ON d.type = 'node' AND d.sid = n.nid WHERE n.status = 1 AND d.sid IS NULL OR d.reindex <> 0")
  return array(
    'remaining' => $remaining,
    'total' => $total,