function template_preprocess_search_block_form

7.x search.module template_preprocess_search_block_form(&$variables)

Process variables for search-block-form.tpl.php.

The $variables array contains the following arguments:

  • $form

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drupal/modules/search/search.module, line 1065
Enables site-wide keyword searching.


function template_preprocess_search_block_form(&$variables) {
  $variables['search'] = array();
  $hidden = array();
  // Provide variables named after form keys so themers can print each element independently.
  foreach (element_children($variables['form']) as $key) {
    $type = $variables['form'][$key]['#type'];
    if ($type == 'hidden' || $type == 'token') {
      $hidden[] = drupal_render($variables['form'][$key]);
    else {
      $variables['search'][$key] = drupal_render($variables['form'][$key]);
  // Hidden form elements have no value to themers. No need for separation.
  $variables['search']['hidden'] = implode($hidden);
  // Collect all form elements to make it easier to print the whole form.
  $variables['search_form'] = implode($variables['search']);