function ajax_command_insert

Creates a Drupal Ajax 'insert' command using the method in #ajax['method'].

This command instructs the client to insert the given HTML using whichever jQuery DOM manipulation method has been specified in the #ajax['method'] variable of the element that triggered the request.

This command is implemented by Drupal.ajax.prototype.commands.insert() defined in misc/ajax.js.


$selector: A jQuery selector string. If the command is a response to a request from an #ajax form element then this value can be NULL.

$html: The data to use with the jQuery method.

$settings: An optional array of settings that will be used for this command only.

Return value

An array suitable for use with the ajax_render() function.

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drupal/core/includes/, line 733
Functions for use with Drupal's Ajax framework.


function ajax_command_insert($selector, $html, $settings = NULL) {
  return array(
    'command' => 'insert',
    'method' => NULL,
    'selector' => $selector,
    'data' => $html,
    'settings' => $settings,