function actions_actions_map

Creates an associative array keyed by hashes of function names or IDs.

Hashes are used to prevent actual function names from going out into HTML forms and coming back.


$actions: An associative array with function names or action IDs as keys and associative arrays with keys 'label', 'type', etc. as values. This is usually the output of actions_list() or actions_get_all_actions().

Return value

An associative array whose keys are hashes of the input array keys, and whose corresponding values are associative arrays with components 'callback', 'label', 'type', and 'configurable' from the input array.

3 calls to actions_actions_map()
system_actions_configure in drupal/modules/system/
Menu callback; Creates the form for configuration of a single action.
system_actions_manage in drupal/modules/system/
Menu callback; Displays an overview of available and configured actions.
trigger_assign_form in drupal/modules/trigger/
Returns the form for assigning an action to a trigger.


drupal/includes/, line 216
This is the actions engine for executing stored actions.


function actions_actions_map($actions) {
  $actions_map = array();
  foreach ($actions as $callback => $array) {
    $key = drupal_hash_base64($callback);
    $actions_map[$key]['callback'] = isset($array['callback']) ? $array['callback'] : $callback;
    $actions_map[$key]['label'] = $array['label'];
    $actions_map[$key]['type'] = $array['type'];
    $actions_map[$key]['configurable'] = $array['configurable'];
  return $actions_map;