class UpdateQuery_pgsql


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drupal/includes/database/pgsql/, line 151
Query code for PostgreSQL embedded database engine.

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class UpdateQuery_pgsql extends UpdateQuery {
  public function execute() {
    $max_placeholder = 0;
    $blobs = array();
    $blob_count = 0;

    // Because we filter $fields the same way here and in __toString(), the
    // placeholders will all match up properly.
    $stmt = $this->connection
      ->prepareQuery((string) $this);

    // Fetch the list of blobs and sequences used on that table.
    $table_information = $this->connection

    // Expressions take priority over literal fields, so we process those first
    // and remove any literal fields that conflict.
    $fields = $this->fields;
    $expression_fields = array();
    foreach ($this->expressionFields as $field => $data) {
      if (!empty($data['arguments'])) {
        foreach ($data['arguments'] as $placeholder => $argument) {

          // We assume that an expression will never happen on a BLOB field,
          // which is a fairly safe assumption to make since in most cases
          // it would be an invalid query anyway.
            ->bindParam($placeholder, $data['arguments'][$placeholder]);
    foreach ($fields as $field => $value) {
      $placeholder = ':db_update_placeholder_' . $max_placeholder++;
      if (isset($table_information->blob_fields[$field])) {
        $blobs[$blob_count] = fopen('php://memory', 'a');
        fwrite($blobs[$blob_count], $value);
          ->bindParam($placeholder, $blobs[$blob_count], PDO::PARAM_LOB);
      else {
          ->bindParam($placeholder, $fields[$field]);
    if (count($this->condition)) {
        ->compile($this->connection, $this);
      $arguments = $this->condition
      foreach ($arguments as $placeholder => $value) {
          ->bindParam($placeholder, $arguments[$placeholder]);
    $options = $this->queryOptions;
    $options['already_prepared'] = TRUE;
      ->query($stmt, $options);
    return $stmt



Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
Query::$comments protected property An array of comments that can be prepended to a query.
Query::$connection protected property The connection object on which to run this query.
Query::$connectionKey protected property The key of the connection object.
Query::$connectionTarget protected property The target of the connection object.
Query::$nextPlaceholder protected property The placeholder counter.
Query::$queryOptions protected property The query options to pass on to the connection object.
Query::$uniqueIdentifier protected property A unique identifier for this query object.
Query::comment public function Adds a comment to the query.
Query::getComments public function Returns a reference to the comments array for the query.
Query::nextPlaceholder public function Gets the next placeholder value for this query object. Overrides QueryPlaceholderInterface::nextPlaceholder
Query::uniqueIdentifier public function Returns a unique identifier for this object. Overrides QueryPlaceholderInterface::uniqueIdentifier
Query::__clone public function Implements the magic __clone function. 1
Query::__sleep public function Implements the magic __sleep function to disconnect from the database.
Query::__wakeup public function Implements the magic __wakeup function to reconnect to the database.
UpdateQuery::$arguments protected property An array of values to update to.
UpdateQuery::$condition protected property The condition object for this query.
UpdateQuery::$expressionFields protected property Array of fields to update to an expression in case of a duplicate record.
UpdateQuery::$fields protected property An array of fields that will be updated.
UpdateQuery::$table protected property The table to update.
UpdateQuery::arguments public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::arguments(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::arguments
UpdateQuery::compile public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::compile(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::compile
UpdateQuery::compiled public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::compiled(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::compiled
UpdateQuery::condition public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::condition(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::condition
UpdateQuery::conditions public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::conditions(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::conditions
UpdateQuery::exists public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::exists(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::exists
UpdateQuery::expression public function Specifies fields to be updated as an expression.
UpdateQuery::fields public function Adds a set of field->value pairs to be updated.
UpdateQuery::isNotNull public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::isNotNull(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::isNotNull
UpdateQuery::isNull public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::isNull(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::isNull
UpdateQuery::notExists public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::notExists(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::notExists
UpdateQuery::where public function Implements QueryConditionInterface::where(). Overrides QueryConditionInterface::where
UpdateQuery::__construct public function Constructs an UpdateQuery object. Overrides Query::__construct
UpdateQuery::__toString public function Implements PHP magic __toString method to convert the query to a string. Overrides Query::__toString
UpdateQuery_pgsql::execute public function Executes the UPDATE query. Overrides UpdateQuery::execute