function file_download

Menu handler for private file transfers.

Call modules that implement hook_file_download() to find out if a file is accessible and what headers it should be transferred with. If one or more modules returned headers the download will start with the returned headers. If a module returns -1 drupal_access_denied() will be returned. If the file exists but no modules responded drupal_access_denied() will be returned. If the file does not exist drupal_not_found() will be returned.

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drupal/includes/, line 2016
API for handling file uploads and server file management.


function file_download() {

  // Merge remainder of arguments from GET['q'], into relative file path.
  $args = func_get_args();
  $scheme = array_shift($args);
  $target = implode('/', $args);
  $uri = $scheme . '://' . $target;
  if (file_stream_wrapper_valid_scheme($scheme) && file_exists($uri)) {
    $headers = file_download_headers($uri);
    if (count($headers)) {
      file_transfer($uri, $headers);
  else {