function template_preprocess_block

Processes variables for block.tpl.php.

Prepares the values passed to the theme_block function to be passed into a pluggable template engine. Uses block properties to generate a series of template file suggestions. If none are found, the default block.tpl.php is used.

Most themes utilize their own copy of block.tpl.php. The default is located inside "modules/block/block.tpl.php". Look in there for the full list of variables.

The $variables array contains the following arguments:

  • $block

See also


1 call to template_preprocess_block()
BlockTemplateSuggestionsUnitTest::testBlockThemeHookSuggestions in drupal/modules/block/block.test
Test if template_preprocess_block() handles the suggestions right.


drupal/modules/block/block.module, line 1017
Controls the visual building blocks a page is constructed with.


function template_preprocess_block(&$variables) {
  $block_counter =& drupal_static(__FUNCTION__, array());
  $variables['block'] = $variables['elements']['#block'];

  // All blocks get an independent counter for each region.
  if (!isset($block_counter[$variables['block']->region])) {
    $block_counter[$variables['block']->region] = 1;

  // Same with zebra striping.
  $variables['block_zebra'] = $block_counter[$variables['block']->region] % 2 ? 'odd' : 'even';
  $variables['block_id'] = $block_counter[$variables['block']->region]++;

  // Create the $content variable that templates expect.
  $variables['content'] = $variables['elements']['#children'];
  $variables['classes_array'][] = drupal_html_class('block-' . $variables['block']->module);
  $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'block__' . $variables['block']->region;
  $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'block__' . $variables['block']->module;

  // Hyphens (-) and underscores (_) play a special role in theme suggestions.
  // Theme suggestions should only contain underscores, because within
  // drupal_find_theme_templates(), underscores are converted to hyphens to
  // match template file names, and then converted back to underscores to match
  // pre-processing and other function names. So if your theme suggestion
  // contains a hyphen, it will end up as an underscore after this conversion,
  // and your function names won't be recognized. So, we need to convert
  // hyphens to underscores in block deltas for the theme suggestions.
  $variables['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = 'block__' . $variables['block']->module . '__' . strtr($variables['block']->delta, '-', '_');

  // Create a valid HTML ID and make sure it is unique.
  $variables['block_html_id'] = drupal_html_id('block-' . $variables['block']->module . '-' . $variables['block']->delta);