function field_get_items

Returns the field items in the language they currently would be displayed.


$entity_type: The type of $entity; e.g., 'node' or 'user'.

$entity: The entity containing the data to be displayed.

$field_name: The field to be displayed.

$langcode: (optional) The language code $entity->{$field_name} has to be displayed in. Defaults to the current language.

Return value

An array of field items keyed by delta if available, FALSE otherwise.

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drupal/modules/field/field.module, line 940
Attach custom data fields to Drupal entities.


function field_get_items($entity_type, $entity, $field_name, $langcode = NULL) {
  $langcode = field_language($entity_type, $entity, $field_name, $langcode);
  return isset($entity->{$field_name}[$langcode]) ? $entity->{$field_name}[$langcode] : FALSE;