function hook_overlay_child_initialize

Allow modules to act when an overlay child window is initialized.

The child window is initialized when a page is displayed from within the overlay, so modules can act here if they need to take action to work from within the confines of the overlay.

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1 function implements hook_overlay_child_initialize()

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overlay_overlay_child_initialize in drupal/modules/overlay/overlay.module
Implements hook_overlay_child_initialize().
1 invocation of hook_overlay_child_initialize()
overlay_set_mode in drupal/modules/overlay/overlay.module
Sets the overlay mode and adds proper JavaScript and styles to the page.


drupal/modules/overlay/overlay.api.php, line 33
Hooks provided by Overlay module.


function hook_overlay_child_initialize() {

  // Add our custom JavaScript.
  drupal_add_js(drupal_get_path('module', 'hook') . '/hook-overlay-child.js');