function theme_overlay_disable_message

Returns the HTML for the message about how to disable the overlay.


$variables: An associative array with an 'element' element, which itself is an associative array containing:

  • profile_link: The link to this user's account.
  • dismiss_message_link: The link to dismiss the overlay.

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1 theme call to theme_overlay_disable_message()
overlay_disable_message in drupal/modules/overlay/overlay.module
Returns a renderable array representing a message for disabling the overlay.


drupal/modules/overlay/overlay.module, line 419
Displays the Drupal administration interface in an overlay.


function theme_overlay_disable_message($variables) {
  $element = $variables['element'];

  // Add CSS classes to hide the links from most sighted users, while keeping
  // them accessible to screen-reader users and keyboard-only users. To assist
  // screen-reader users, this message appears in both the parent and child
  // documents, but only the one in the child document is part of the tab order.
  foreach (array(
  ) as $key) {
    $element[$key]['#options']['attributes']['class'][] = 'element-invisible';
    if (overlay_get_mode() == 'child') {
      $element[$key]['#options']['attributes']['class'][] = 'element-focusable';

  // Render the links.
  $output = drupal_render($element['profile_link']) . ' ' . drupal_render($element['dismiss_message_link']);

  // Add a heading for screen-reader users. The heading doesn't need to be seen
  // by sighted users.
  $output = '<h3 class="element-invisible">' . t('Options for the administrative overlay') . '</h3>' . $output;

  // Wrap in a container for styling.
  $output = '<div id="overlay-disable-message" class="clearfix">' . $output . '</div>';
  return $output;