function theme_rdf_template_variable_wrapper

Returns HTML for a template variable wrapped in an HTML element with the RDF attributes.

This is called by rdf_process() shortly before the theme system renders a template file. It is called once for each template variable for which additional attributes are needed. While template files are responsible for rendering the attributes for the template's primary object (via the $attributes variable), title (via the $title_attributes variable), and content (via the $content_attributes variable), additional template variables that need containing attributes are routed through this function, allowing the template file to receive properly wrapped variables.

Tip for themers: if you're already outputting a wrapper element around a particular template variable in your template file, and if you don't want an extra wrapper element, you can override this function to not wrap that variable and instead print the following inside your template file:



$variables: An associative array containing:

  • content: A string of content to be wrapped with attributes.
  • attributes: An array of attributes to be placed on the wrapping element.
  • context: An array of context information about the content to be wrapped:
    • hook: The theme hook that will use the wrapped content. This corresponds to the key within the theme registry for this template. For example, if this content is about to be used in node.tpl.php or node-[type].tpl.php, then the 'hook' is 'node'.
    • variable_name: The name of the variable by which the template will refer to this content. Each template file has documentation about the variables it uses. For example, if this function is called in preparing the $author variable for comment.tpl.php, then the 'variable_name' is 'author'.
    • variables: The full array of variables about to be passed to the template.
  • inline: TRUE if the content contains only inline HTML elements and therefore can be validly wrapped by a <span> tag. FALSE if the content might contain block level HTML elements and therefore cannot be validly wrapped by a <span> tag. Modules implementing preprocess functions that set 'rdf_template_variable_attributes_array' for a particular template variable that might contain block level HTML must also implement hook_preprocess_rdf_template_variable_wrapper() and set 'inline' to FALSE for that context. Themes that render normally inline content with block level HTML must similarly implement hook_preprocess_rdf_template_variable_wrapper() and set 'inline' accordingly.

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rdf_process in drupal/modules/rdf/rdf.module
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drupal/modules/rdf/rdf.module, line 830
Enables semantically enriched output for Drupal sites in the form of RDFa.


function theme_rdf_template_variable_wrapper($variables) {
  $output = $variables['content'];
  if (!empty($output) && !empty($variables['attributes'])) {
    $attributes = drupal_attributes($variables['attributes']);
    $output = $variables['inline'] ? "<span{$attributes}>{$output}</span>" : "<div{$attributes}>{$output}</div>";
  return $output;