function search_box_form_submit

Process a block search form submission.

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1 string reference to 'search_box_form_submit'
search_box in drupal/modules/search/search.module
Form builder; Output a search form for the search block's search box.


drupal/modules/search/search.module, line 1028
Enables site-wide keyword searching.


function search_box_form_submit($form, &$form_state) {

  // The search form relies on control of the redirect destination for its
  // functionality, so we override any static destination set in the request,
  // for example by drupal_access_denied() or drupal_not_found()
  // (see
  if (isset($_GET['destination'])) {

  // Check to see if the form was submitted empty.
  // If it is empty, display an error message.
  // (This method is used instead of setting #required to TRUE for this field
  // because that results in a confusing error message.  It would say a plain
  // "field is required" because the search keywords field has no title.
  // The error message would also complain about a missing #title field.)
  if ($form_state['values']['search_block_form'] == '') {
    form_set_error('keys', t('Please enter some keywords.'));
  $form_id = $form['form_id']['#value'];
  $info = search_get_default_module_info();
  if ($info) {
    $form_state['redirect'] = 'search/' . $info['path'] . '/' . trim($form_state['values'][$form_id]);
  else {
    form_set_error(NULL, t('Search is currently disabled.'), 'error');