function theme_admin_block_content

Returns HTML for the content of an administrative block.


$variables: An associative array containing:

  • content: An array containing information about the block. Each element of the array represents an administrative menu item, and must at least contain the keys 'title', 'href', and 'localized_options', which are passed to l(). A 'description' key may also be provided.

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drupal/modules/system/, line 2449
Admin page callbacks for the system module.


function theme_admin_block_content($variables) {
  $content = $variables['content'];
  $output = '';
  if (!empty($content)) {
    $class = 'admin-list';
    if ($compact = system_admin_compact_mode()) {
      $class .= ' compact';
    $output .= '<dl class="' . $class . '">';
    foreach ($content as $item) {
      $output .= '<dt>' . l($item['title'], $item['href'], $item['localized_options']) . '</dt>';
      if (!$compact && isset($item['description'])) {
        $output .= '<dd>' . filter_xss_admin($item['description']) . '</dd>';
    $output .= '</dl>';
  return $output;