function hook_drupal_goto_alter

Change the page the user is sent to by drupal_goto().


$path: A Drupal path or a full URL.

$options: An associative array of additional URL options to pass to url().

$http_response_code: The HTTP status code to use for the redirection. See drupal_goto() for more information.

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3 functions implement hook_drupal_goto_alter()

Note: this list is generated by pattern matching, so it may include some functions that are not actually implementations of this hook.

common_test_drupal_goto_alter in drupal/modules/simpletest/tests/common_test.module
Implements hook_drupal_goto_alter().
overlay_drupal_goto_alter in drupal/modules/overlay/overlay.module
Implements hook_drupal_goto_alter().
session_test_drupal_goto_alter in drupal/modules/simpletest/tests/session_test.module
Implements hook_drupal_goto_alter().
1 invocation of hook_drupal_goto_alter()
drupal_goto in drupal/includes/
Sends the user to a different page.


drupal/modules/system/system.api.php, line 3902
Hooks provided by Drupal core and the System module.


function hook_drupal_goto_alter(&$path, &$options, &$http_response_code) {

  // A good addition to misery module.
  $http_response_code = 500;