function hook_menu_breadcrumb_alter

Alter links in the active trail before it is rendered as the breadcrumb.

This hook is invoked by menu_get_active_breadcrumb() and allows alteration of the breadcrumb links for the current page, which may be preferred instead of setting a custom breadcrumb via drupal_set_breadcrumb().

Implementations should take into account that menu_get_active_breadcrumb() subsequently performs the following adjustments to the active trail *after* this hook has been invoked:

  • The last link in $active_trail is removed, if its 'href' is identical to the 'href' of $item. This happens, because the breadcrumb normally does not contain a link to the current page.
  • The (second to) last link in $active_trail is removed, if the current $item is a MENU_DEFAULT_LOCAL_TASK. This happens in order to do not show a link to the current page, when being on the path for the default local task; e.g. when being on the path node/%/view, the breadcrumb should not contain a link to node/%.

Each link in the active trail must contain:

  • title: The localized title of the link.
  • href: The system path to link to.
  • localized_options: An array of options to pass to url().


$active_trail: An array containing breadcrumb links for the current page.

$item: The menu router item of the current page.

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1 invocation of hook_menu_breadcrumb_alter()
menu_get_active_breadcrumb in drupal/includes/
Gets the breadcrumb for the current page, as determined by the active trail.


drupal/modules/system/system.api.php, line 1519
Hooks provided by Drupal core and the System module.


function hook_menu_breadcrumb_alter(&$active_trail, $item) {

  // Always display a link to the current page by duplicating the last link in
  // the active trail. This means that menu_get_active_breadcrumb() will remove
  // the last link (for the current page), but since it is added once more here,
  // it will appear.
  if (!drupal_is_front_page()) {
    $end = end($active_trail);
    if ($item['href'] == $end['href']) {
      $active_trail[] = $end;