function hook_trigger_info_alter

Alter triggers declared by hook_trigger_info().


$triggers: Array of trigger information returned by hook_trigger_info() implementations. Modify this array in place. See hook_trigger_info() for information on what this might contain.

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2 invocations of hook_trigger_info_alter()
trigger_assign in drupal/modules/trigger/
Builds a form that allows users to assign actions to triggers.
_trigger_get_all_info in drupal/modules/trigger/trigger.module
Retrieves and caches information from hook_trigger_info() implementations.


drupal/modules/trigger/trigger.api.php, line 72
Hooks provided by the Trigger module.


function hook_trigger_info_alter(&$triggers) {
  $triggers['node']['node_insert']['label'] = t('When content is saved');