function theme_update_last_check

Returns HTML for the last time we checked for update data.

In addition to properly formatting the given timestamp, this function also provides a "Check manually" link that refreshes the available update and redirects back to the same page.


$variables: An associative array containing:

  • last: The timestamp when the site last checked for available updates.

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drupal/modules/update/update.module, line 660
Handles updates of Drupal core and contributed projects.


function theme_update_last_check($variables) {
  $last = $variables['last'];
  $output = '<div class="update checked">';
  $output .= $last ? t('Last checked: @time ago', array(
    '@time' => format_interval(REQUEST_TIME - $last),
  )) : t('Last checked: never');
  $output .= ' <span class="check-manually">(' . l(t('Check manually'), 'admin/reports/updates/check', array(
    'query' => drupal_get_destination(),
  )) . ')</span>';
  $output .= "</div>\n";
  return $output;