function drupal_path_alias_whitelist_rebuild

Rebuild the path alias white list.


$source: An optional system path for which an alias is being inserted.

Return value

An array containing a white list of path aliases.

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drupal/includes/, line 368
Functions to handle paths in Drupal, including path aliasing.


function drupal_path_alias_whitelist_rebuild($source = NULL) {

  // When paths are inserted, only rebuild the whitelist if the system path
  // has a top level component which is not already in the whitelist.
  if (!empty($source)) {
    $whitelist = variable_get('path_alias_whitelist', NULL);
    if (isset($whitelist[strtok($source, '/')])) {
      return $whitelist;

  // For each alias in the database, get the top level component of the system
  // path it corresponds to. This is the portion of the path before the first
  // '/', if present, otherwise the whole path itself.
  $whitelist = array();
  $result = db_query("SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTRING_INDEX(source, '/', 1) AS path FROM {url_alias}");
  foreach ($result as $row) {
    $whitelist[$row->path] = TRUE;
  variable_set('path_alias_whitelist', $whitelist);
  return $whitelist;