function hook_field_storage_pre_load

Act before the storage backends load field data.

This hook allows modules to load data before the Field Storage API, optionally preventing the field storage module from doing so.

This lets 3rd party modules override, mirror, shard, or otherwise store a subset of fields in a different way than the current storage engine. Possible use cases include per-bundle storage, per-combo-field storage, etc.

Modules implementing this hook should load field values and add them to objects in $entities. Fields with no values should be added as empty arrays. In addition, fields loaded should be added as keys to $skip_fields.


$entity_type: The type of entity, such as 'node' or 'user'.

$entities: The array of entity objects to add fields to, keyed by entity ID.

$age: FIELD_LOAD_CURRENT to load the most recent revision for all fields, or FIELD_LOAD_REVISION to load the version indicated by each entity.

$skip_fields: An array keyed by field IDs whose data has already been loaded and therefore should not be loaded again. Add a key to this array to indicate that your module has already loaded a field.

$options: An associative array of additional options, with the following keys:

  • field_id: The field ID that should be loaded. If unset, all fields should be loaded.
  • deleted: If TRUE, deleted fields should be loaded as well as non-deleted fields. If unset or FALSE, only non-deleted fields should be loaded.

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1 invocation of hook_field_storage_pre_load()
field_attach_load in drupal/modules/field/
Loads fields for the current revisions of a group of entities.


drupal/modules/field/field.api.php, line 2210
Hooks provided by the Field module.


function hook_field_storage_pre_load($entity_type, $entities, $age, &$skip_fields, $options) {

  // @todo Needs function body.