function field_attach_delete_revision

Delete field data for a single revision of an existing entity. The passed entity must have a revision id attribute.


$entity_type: The type of $entity; e.g. 'node' or 'user'.

$entity: The entity with fields to save.

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FieldAttachStorageTestCase::testFieldAttachDelete in drupal/modules/field/tests/field.test
Test field_attach_delete().
node_revision_delete in drupal/modules/node/node.module
Deletes a node revision.


drupal/modules/field/, line 1082
Field attach API, allowing entities (nodes, users, ...) to be 'fieldable'.


function field_attach_delete_revision($entity_type, $entity) {
  _field_invoke('delete_revision', $entity_type, $entity);
  list($id, $vid, $bundle) = entity_extract_ids($entity_type, $entity);

  // Collect the storage backends used by the fields in the entities.
  $storages = array();
  foreach (field_info_instances($entity_type, $bundle) as $instance) {
    $field = field_info_field_by_id($instance['field_id']);
    $field_id = $field['id'];
    $storages[$field['storage']['type']][$field_id] = $field_id;

  // Field storage backends delete their data.
  foreach ($storages as $storage => $fields) {
    $storage_info = field_info_storage_types($storage);
    module_invoke($storage_info['module'], 'field_storage_delete_revision', $entity_type, $entity, $fields);

  // Let other modules act on deleting the revision.
  module_invoke_all('field_attach_delete_revision', $entity_type, $entity);