function hook_node_access_records_alter

Alter permissions for a node before it is written to the database.

Node access modules establish rules for user access to content. Node access records are stored in the {node_access} table and define which permissions are required to access a node. This hook is invoked after node access modules returned their requirements via hook_node_access_records(); doing so allows modules to modify the $grants array by reference before it is stored, so custom or advanced business logic can be applied.

Upon viewing, editing or deleting a node, hook_node_grants() builds a permissions array that is compared against the stored access records. The user must have one or more matching permissions in order to complete the requested operation.

A module may deny all access to a node by setting $grants to an empty array.


$grants: The $grants array returned by hook_node_access_records().

$node: The node for which the grants were acquired.

The preferred use of this hook is in a module that bridges multiple node access modules with a configurable behavior, as shown in the example with the 'is_preview' field.

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1 function implements hook_node_access_records_alter()

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node_test_node_access_records_alter in drupal/modules/node/tests/node_test.module
Implements hook_node_access_records_alter().


drupal/modules/node/node.api.php, line 338
Hooks provided by the Node module.


function hook_node_access_records_alter(&$grants, $node) {

  // Our module allows editors to mark specific articles with the 'is_preview'
  // field. If the node being saved has a TRUE value for that field, then only
  // our grants are retained, and other grants are removed. Doing so ensures
  // that our rules are enforced no matter what priority other grants are given.
  if ($node->is_preview) {

    // Our module grants are set in $grants['example'].
    $temp = $grants['example'];

    // Now remove all module grants but our own.
    $grants = array(
      'example' => $temp,