function taxonomy_vocabulary_save

Saves a vocabulary.


$vocabulary: A vocabulary object with the following properties:

  • vid: (optional) The ID of the vocabulary (omit if creating a new vocabulary; only use to update an existing vocabulary).
  • name: The human-readable name of the vocabulary.
  • machine_name: The machine name of the vocabulary.
  • description: (optional) The vocabulary's description.
  • hierarchy: The hierarchy level of the vocabulary.
  • module: (optional) The module altering the vocabulary.
  • weight: (optional) The weight of this vocabulary in relation to other vocabularies.
  • original: (optional) The original vocabulary object before any changes are applied.
  • old_machine_name: (optional) The original machine name of the vocabulary.

Return value

Status constant indicating whether the vocabulary was inserted (SAVED_NEW) or updated (SAVED_UPDATED).

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drupal/modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module, line 413
Enables the organization of content into categories.


function taxonomy_vocabulary_save($vocabulary) {

  // Prevent leading and trailing spaces in vocabulary names.
  if (!empty($vocabulary->name)) {
    $vocabulary->name = trim($vocabulary->name);

  // Load the stored entity, if any.
  if (!empty($vocabulary->vid)) {
    if (!isset($vocabulary->original)) {
      $vocabulary->original = entity_load_unchanged('taxonomy_vocabulary', $vocabulary->vid);

    // Make sure machine name changes are easily detected.
    // @todo: Remove in Drupal 8, as it is deprecated by directly reading from
    // $vocabulary->original.
    $vocabulary->old_machine_name = $vocabulary->original->machine_name;
  if (!isset($vocabulary->module)) {
    $vocabulary->module = 'taxonomy';
  module_invoke_all('taxonomy_vocabulary_presave', $vocabulary);
  module_invoke_all('entity_presave', $vocabulary, 'taxonomy_vocabulary');
  if (!empty($vocabulary->vid) && !empty($vocabulary->name)) {
    $status = drupal_write_record('taxonomy_vocabulary', $vocabulary, 'vid');
    if ($vocabulary->old_machine_name != $vocabulary->machine_name) {
      field_attach_rename_bundle('taxonomy_term', $vocabulary->old_machine_name, $vocabulary->machine_name);
    module_invoke_all('taxonomy_vocabulary_update', $vocabulary);
    module_invoke_all('entity_update', $vocabulary, 'taxonomy_vocabulary');
  elseif (empty($vocabulary->vid)) {
    $status = drupal_write_record('taxonomy_vocabulary', $vocabulary);
    field_attach_create_bundle('taxonomy_term', $vocabulary->machine_name);
    module_invoke_all('taxonomy_vocabulary_insert', $vocabulary);
    module_invoke_all('entity_insert', $vocabulary, 'taxonomy_vocabulary');
  return $status;