function field_attach_rename_bundle

Notify field.module that a bundle was renamed.


$entity_type: The entity type to which the bundle is bound.

$bundle_old: The previous name of the bundle.

$bundle_new: The new name of the bundle.

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drupal/modules/field/, line 1360
Field attach API, allowing entities (nodes, users, ...) to be 'fieldable'.


function field_attach_rename_bundle($entity_type, $bundle_old, $bundle_new) {
    'bundle' => $bundle_new,
    ->condition('entity_type', $entity_type)
    ->condition('bundle', $bundle_old)

  // Clear the cache.

  // Update bundle settings.
  $settings = variable_get('field_bundle_settings_' . $entity_type . '__' . $bundle_old, array());
  variable_set('field_bundle_settings_' . $entity_type . '__' . $bundle_new, $settings);
  variable_del('field_bundle_settings_' . $entity_type . '__' . $bundle_old);

  // Let other modules act on renaming the bundle.
  module_invoke_all('field_attach_rename_bundle', $entity_type, $bundle_old, $bundle_new);