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Name Location Description Direct uses Stringssort ascending
locale drupal/modules/locale/locale.module Provides interface translation services. 1 65
theme drupal/includes/ Generates themed output. 218 38
drupal_get_form drupal/includes/ Returns a renderable form array for a given form ID. 49 32
t drupal/includes/ Translates a string to the current language or to a given language. 1,903 28
node_access drupal/modules/node/node.module Determines whether the current user may perform the operation on the node. 20 26
file_default_scheme drupal/includes/ Gets the default file stream implementation. 20 15
url drupal/includes/ Generates an internal or external URL. 303 14
language_list drupal/includes/ Returns a list of installed languages, indexed by the specified key. 47 14
user_access drupal/modules/user/user.module Determine whether the user has a given privilege. 154 13
check_plain drupal/includes/ Encodes special characters in a plain-text string for display as HTML. 188 10
element_validate_integer_positive drupal/includes/ Form element validation handler for integer elements that must be positive. 1 9
watchdog drupal/includes/ Logs a system message. 124 9
language_default drupal/includes/ Returns the default language, as an object, or one of its properties. 26 9
format_interval drupal/includes/ Formats a time interval with the requested granularity. 30 8
drupal_add_js drupal/includes/ Adds a JavaScript file, setting, or inline code to the page. 51 8
drupal_sort_weight drupal/includes/ Sorts a structured array by the 'weight' element. 8
user_admin_role drupal/modules/user/ Form to configure a single role. 8
image_styles drupal/modules/image/image.module Gets an array of all styles and their settings. 6 8
search_index drupal/modules/search/search.module Update the full-text search index for a particular item. 3 7
language_types drupal/includes/ Returns an array of the available language types. 5 6
filter_default_format drupal/modules/filter/filter.module Returns the ID of the default text format for a particular user. 5 6
date_iso8601 drupal/includes/ Returns an ISO8601 formatted date based on the given date. 5
user_role_permissions drupal/modules/user/user.module Determine the permissions for one or more roles. 2 5
user_login drupal/modules/user/user.module Form builder; the main user login form. 5
user_register_form drupal/modules/user/user.module Form builder; the user registration form. 5
filter_formats drupal/modules/filter/filter.module Retrieves a list of text formats, ordered by weight. 14 5
ajax_deliver drupal/includes/ Packages and sends the result of a page callback as an Ajax response. 4
image_scale drupal/includes/ Scales an image while maintaining aspect ratio. 3 4
image_desaturate drupal/includes/ Converts an image to grayscale. 2 4
system_list drupal/includes/ Builds a list of bootstrap modules and enabled modules and themes. 4 4
module_implements drupal/includes/ Determines which modules are implementing a hook. 69 4
language_types_info drupal/includes/ Returns all the defined language types. 7 4
drupal_goto drupal/includes/ Sends the user to a different page. 45 4
element_sort drupal/includes/ Function used by uasort to sort structured arrays by weight. 4
debug drupal/includes/ Outputs debug information. 1 4
ip_address drupal/includes/ Returns the IP address of the client machine. 20 4
system_sort_modules_by_info_name drupal/modules/system/ Array sorting callback; sorts modules or themes by their name. 4
system_get_date_formats drupal/modules/system/system.module Gets the list of defined date formats and attributes. 6 4
taxonomy_autocomplete drupal/modules/taxonomy/ Page callback: Outputs JSON for taxonomy autocomplete suggestions. 4
trigger_get_assigned_actions drupal/modules/trigger/trigger.module Gets the action IDs of actions to be executed for a hook. 9 4
user_delete drupal/modules/user/user.module Delete a user. 5 4
user_logout drupal/modules/user/ Menu callback; logs the current user out, and redirects to the home page. 1 4
poll_vote drupal/modules/poll/poll.module Submit handler for processing a vote. 4
image_effects drupal/modules/image/image.module Loads all image effects from the database. 1 4
field_test_entity_form drupal/modules/field/tests/ Test_entity form. 4
drupal_alter drupal/includes/ Passes alterable variables to specific hook_TYPE_alter() implementations. 92 3
language_negotiation_info drupal/includes/ Returns all the defined language negotiation providers. 5 3
drupal_add_css drupal/includes/ Adds a cascading stylesheet to the stylesheet queue. 42 3
drupal_add_library drupal/includes/ Adds multiple JavaScript or CSS files at the same time. 13 3
drupal_pre_render_links drupal/includes/ #pre_render callback that collects child links into a single array. 3


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